Autumn Hymnal

Threaded Story (30/49)

the end of my rope
this journey over
far as i can go
these old spectacles
this old prescription
is working no more

no more room to move forward
and i can’t go back in time
in my imagination
i envision a new rope
woven from the stuff of dream
today i grab this new line
in good faith will where it lead

The Compass (13/15)

what lays by my feet?
what is in my hand?

what trucks in my head?
hero g.p.s.
satellite inside

M.A.B. (29/41)

my silent partner
buying boots for the winter
she judges nothing
leaving room for me to grow
she expects nothing

at nearby tables
tutors are guiding students
gentle mathematics
and with luck i might devise
a brand new program
with golden variables
methods and functions

Run Time (14/10)

a new star interpreted
inside peaceful peaceful fields

from the clearest sky
static falls like snow

Lazarus Rail (20/21)

an old train builder
grandpa used to be
deep in my mem’ry
stories told to me

travel facilitator
acceleration and mass
thundering to tomorrow