Didactic Afternoon

Didactic Afternoon (30/49)

fumbling through the dark
odd noises abound
sound of my own feet
clanking so foreign
metal cylinders
like helium tanks

let me take tiny refuge
by counting the syllables
and spreading out my cold thoughts
across a stretcher of words
the economy of strength
reclining in these blissful forms

Hexagon (13/15)

the mind is a box
and escape
is key to all things

the chill of nightmare
beauty of a dream
everything made up

Split of the Prism (29/41)

lines in an orange sky
from the earth to the heavens
a kind of lift-off
happens almost every day
right around this time

from rock to weightless
i can’t explain the science
doesn’t damper rise
can’t explain color theory
but that doesn’t stop
the miracle of white light
split of the prism

Convergence (14/10)

look forward down the highway
i love the parallel lines

future convergence
point is a mirage

Reverse Horizon (20/21)

promise of the night
a relaxing meal
good cocktail or two
orange bands revisit

then curtain of dark blue hues
wrap around me like a scarf
again i let my feet lead