The Mechanics of Transition

Hall of Mirrors (30/49)

the hall of mirrors
watch body language
listen for the cues
say okay and dance
fitting into place
the things that I do

in the end is it just that
you be me or I will be you
smile at jokes that make no sense
floating along the surface
to keep shallow waters still
day to make my great escape

Minister of Interior (13/15)

I’ll pick up and move
just my soul
to grand new cities

bold transformations
be the minister
of interior

The Home For Old Souls (29/41)

creak open the door
become flooded with colors
swim strong through the hues
pick a spot if you choose to
just sit back and glow

sometimes you just know
sometimes it’s just a feeling
when people’s mouths move
but the words say different things
glorious to nod
because the home for old souls
is ubiquitous

Revolution (14/10)

we’re always on nothing’s edge
simultaneously spun

milky way’s center
is a big black hole

Old House / New House (20/21)

now on my key ring
copper occupant
for an old keyhole
existing no more

a warm sort of homelessness
the places that I belong
everywhere, nowhere, and here