Night Moves

Patron Saint of the Abandoned Bicycle (30/49)

it’s missing a wheel
it’s missing a seat
chained to the meter
simply cast aside
yet he is our man
to get the job done

all hail the patron saint of
the abandoned bicycle
he patrols the scene at night
bolt cutters and heart of gold
cruise the streets in rare cologne
giving to metal and chain
the gift of liberation

Sweet Pea at the Door (13/15)

she welcomes you in
rubber stamp

mmp sss mmp sss mmp
groove the night away
thanks to ink on wrist

The Man in Maroon (29/41)

glaring at his watch
his head shaking back and forth
looking down the track
soon enough the platform fills

in ten minutes time
the sound of glorious bells
red lights flashing bright
and the train pulls up at last
everybody on
except the man in maroon
glaring at his watch

Middle Sister (14/10)

crushed at the end of the bar
no idea what she’s got

blinded by beauty
no man will approach

Invisible Journalist (20/21)

flies Pilot V5
precise rolling ball
taking photographs
developed in words

he’s everywhere and nowhere
head filled with shapes and numbers
heart filled with universe love

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