Urban Shuttle

Plane Maintenance (30/49)

the thrill of the dark
sounds around corners
sparks in the distance
try killing some time
in this cold airport
just plane maintenance

one time i heard a rumor
once i heard a loving song
but now i can’t remember
the secret of swollen lips
but now i can’t remember
the melody and the words
force create my very own

Tarmac (13/15)

the feel of concrete
rubber wheels
still going nowhere

pick a direction
dreaming of a film
on a cracked white wall

Concessions (29/41)

just find Polaris
when the world won’t go your way
embrace the earth’s tilt
you’ll see it’s going your way
surprise horizons

up on the third floor
metal gate, wooden staircase
where i found solace
one short week and one long month
living on the moon
left to my own devices
laptop and cellphone

CAPCOM (20/21)

nothing but static
then warm transmissions
north of the border
then from the left coast

alone but never alone
gallery of white angels
the coils in my radio

Splashdown (14/10)

the cusp of the stratosphere
my capsule is now nearing

prepare to adjust
body gravity

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