Elevator Mechanic

Bananaman (30/49)

keeps saying hi-fi
when meaning wi-fi
charging his phone up
so he keeps saying
to take us all down

I’m wishing like a turtle
in hopes of a stronger shell
to keep his energy out
labyrinth geography
talking about his two dogs
all this ’cause I’m just floating
all I need is a good plan

Sweet Relief (13/15)

going to Target
in the form of gum

The Reveal (29/41)

would like higher ground
but I’ll take steadier ground
maybe just for now
bananaman just took off
poison words in tow

ride people’s elevators
either up or down
be your own elevator
know where you’re going
because sometimes getting stuck
someone else’s ride
can be very treacherous

Positive Charge (20/21)

a peaceful break now
these things I long for
the key to all things

shouldn’t be afraid to chat
operate elevator
friends going to the same floor

Swimsuit (14/10)

next time you feel the whirlpool
take some time and look around

very well might find
elevator rides

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