Splash Constellation

The Cave (30/49)

primordial flame
licking up the walls
hands in dark circles
beating off old drums
ancient rhythms pulse
pulling toward the womb

under flag of shadowplay
i lean over uttering
eat, drink, and have a good time
to your heart and from my mind
this is the end of the line
this is the end of the line
this is the end of the line

The Dream (20/21)

strange invitations
across my shoulder
splash constellation
(i must be crazy…)

all my sensibilities
overturned- somehow buoyant
small boats in a sea of light

The Journey (29/41)

i awake on fire
in the world that they call real
haunted by angels
after years of suicide
i fi’nlly ascend

terror from all sides
love and hell, ropes from the sky
thru the fire I climb
a trail of ashes behind
my naked body
collapsing in the new rain
cool mirrored diamonds

Birthday (13/15)

on the terra firm
being born
in a wash of white

tales of a new star
codetalkers whisper
lexicon of light

The Beginning (14/10)

evolution’s primer flies
on the wings of butterflies

gentlest earthquakes
from smooth golden flaps

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