Crash City Compilation

The Ghost of Mayonnaise and Kisses (30/49)

party down the road
i can’t remember
a novel’s title
white light swooping up
an old brown bookcase
you said she’d never

dressed up in the thrift store style
friendly with a foreign tongue
certain sense of belonging
you said she’d never but she
in all her white laced glory
she swooped down on me and did
filled me with the kiss of life

Rhythm (13/15)

jack under bebop
came to aid
a flailing drummer

follow these cold calls
direction of dream
headset falling off

Snowangels (29/41)

scraps of standard oil
make a kind of new design
just slip in cassettes
when the AP reads all wrong
light a smoke and drive

listening to jazz
with the windshield wipers on
and it dawns on me
we’re just snowangels baby
angels in the glow
it’s nuclear wintertime
and we’re snowangels

Spider (14/10)

spider hovers in blade one
with a shotgun microphone

picking out the pearls
from crosstown traffic

Edge of Crash City (20/21)

snarl of metal barbs
cold river’s blue edge
a black and white sign
stop! danger! poison!

under flourescent moonlight
frogman from the desert side
swallows up to the surface…

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